Three Sisters

by Anton Chekhov
Directed by Elana McKelahan
Scenic Design by Ventiko
Costume Design by Misha Pyle
Lighting Design by Jonathan Cottle
Sound Design by Gahyae Ryu
Music by Stephen Bennett
Video Design by Aaron Soldner

The Prozorov Estate, Brooklyn, NY

It's 2040 and Brooklyn is burning. Seek refuge with the Prozorov family as they sing, dance, and philosophize their way through the night in this immersive, site-specific production of Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters. Audience members will experience opulence amid decay in a dystopian Brooklyn where economic inequality and police surveillance have become the norm. Within the safety of the Prozorov Estate, you will enjoy live music, food, and drink as you follow the actors through a magnificent historic building in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. As a guest of the Prozorovs, you must choose your own experience in this dystopian social experiment within Chekhov's masterpiece. Will you work in the servant's quarters with a 99¢ Serf ticket? Or will you opt for the luxury of a $99 Tsar ticket? The choice is yours. But your choice doesn't have to be permanent. Revolution is coming, and with it a chance to rise or fall in status. Return for a new experience and receive major discounts to experience Chekhov's world through a new lens.