Red Dots.Black Holes

Directed & Choreographed by Paola Escobar
Sound Design by Gahyae Ryu
Scenic Design by Melanie Waingarten
Costume Design by Meghan Ims
Lighting Design by R. S. Buck

Sharon Disney Lund Theatre, Valencia CA

            Red Dots.Black Holes is physical theater piece that bridges two cultural perspectives about body, text and sound, creating a liminal space where one loses track of particular genres and the notion of the exotic. The piece offers an immersive experience that recreates flamenco free spirit through contemporary language in movement and music. Red Dots.Black Holes challenges both contemporary performance and flamenco preconceptions, expectations and stereotypes, placing both forms in a vulnerable position from where to initiate a productive intercultural dialogue.The piece takes the inherent interdisciplinary character of the flamenco form, its structures and inner codes, implants it inside a group of contemporary artists, and generates a suggestive world in which movers, actors and sound makers constantly transgress roles and formal boundaries inside a twisted flamenco aesthetics.Without a preferential frontal view and within a circular arrangement, the piece proposes an egalitarian space that questions the separation between life and performance, and challenges the notion of a trained body within performance.Red Dots.Black Holes is a radically analogue proposal inspired by the stubbornness in the flamenco world to remain attached to nature, to life experience through the physical body, and to the immediacy of the moment. The piece’s structure intertwines set material with improvisational sections, so Red Dots.Black Holes is completed and finalized each time it is performed.The 50 min piece uses old wood furniture as a set and150 lyrics from the flamenco oral tradition translated from Spanish to English as script. Red Dots.Black Holes is based on its director’s multidisciplinary background as a Latin-American artist working in flamenco and contemporary dance for more than two decades.