AR Game Installation
by Shih-lien Eugene Yen, Anna Grossman, Jeffrey Huang, Gahyae Ryu, Jungwoo Kim, Jihyun Her, Jinyoung Sung, Peiyu Lai, Jawon Kim

Siggraph Asia Tokyo: Dec 5-7, 2018, Tokyo International Forum, Japan
INDIECADE - Night Games: Oct 12, 2018, Santa Monica College
Slamdance D.I.G Festival: Sept 13-15, 2018, LA Artist Collective

Our physical bodies will disappear, but through remembrance and metamorphoses, a part of our being shall live on. Islands/Seom is about creating the extended existence of the people that we admire and care about. We wish every time someone interacts with our interpretations of these significant people, their perspective of the world will be conveyed. You will see a series of cube sculptures, each containing the belief of a significant person who is also an emerging artist. Together, we preserve their ghost and transform it into a landscape. View the sculptures through our custom-made mobile app. The avatar of the artist will reanimate on top. Listen to their manifesto. Send them to a virtual world called Lacus, where they grow organically into unique ecosystems. Through gaming, we catalyze collaboration with their persona, against the odds of distance, personalities, and culture.