by Guillermo Calderon
Directed by Monty Cole
Scenic Design by Melanie Waingarten
Lighting Design by Ben Wilson
Costume Design by Edurne Fernandez
Lighting Design by Ben Wilson
Sound Design by Gahyae Ryu
Video Design by Kamyi Lee

Modular Theatre, Valencia, CA

Two couples gather for their weekly soap opera viewing party, but the gathering itself quickly becomes a soap opera in its own right, complete with scandal, secrets, and heart-rending passion. A mysterious Skype call with a distant stranger in a refugee camp on the other side of the world transforms the story, leaving both the characters and audience with only pieces to put back together again. Acclaimed Chilean playwright Guillermo Calderón's KISS is a masterwork of dramatic irony, juxtaposing soap operas and political insurgency, theatricality and reality, farce and tragedy. Taking place in the heart of the Syrian conflict, KISS challenges both the actors and the audience to come to terms with what it means to empathize in the face of tyranny.